The clever new way to beat advertising fees

Local advertisers charge whopping fees,

to send you new customers...who don't always return

Now you can ditch the fees and get them to come back with Zippy. More customers, that won't cost you an arm and a leg !

  • Create your promotions

    First you create a promotion. This could be Monday Nights, Half Price Burgers or 5 coffee's, get 1 free. You decide how long it runs for, how many people can claim it and how often they change.

  • QR Code

    To track customers claiming your promotion, we send you a QR Code to put by your point of sale. When customers use their iPhone to scan and check-in, they are saved to your account. You can then get them to come back in-store with exclusive offers.

  • New Customers

    Zippy sends out your promotions and drives new customers in-store adding to your account and growing your customer base.

  • Tell People

    You've already got lots of customers, if they download the Zippy App you'll instantly learn more about them. See how often they come in and what promotions they claim. They can tell their friends about you and follow you on social networks.

  • Paddington

    Using social networks to promote to their customers and emails, the Kettle & Tin team have had great success with their Sunday night special, buy a medium plate and get a small one free.

  • Clayfield

    The Wingblaster team have built a loyal following via Zippy with some great chicken wings, pizza and dessert deals. They have also run several one off promotions, including 6 free chicken wings.

  • South Brisbane

    Local to Zippy Headquarters, Peel Street Kitchen have been trying various promotions including coffee, lunch and dinner promotions. This strategy has kept their customers coming back.

  • Brisbane City

    Guggenheim for Hair located in the heart of the city have promoted some awesome deals including 50% off all haircuts. Posting a new deal nearly everyday has got customers through the doors.

In short, you add a promotion, we send you new customers for $1/month/customer and any customer you add is FREE.

You get to keep all the profits and keep your customers coming back.